A great place for anyone seeking somewhere to feel at home, to relax or to share your time with beloved friends, colleagues and families. We would like to collect some of our beautiful moments during this year.


French Club activity

Learn a language anywhere, anytime

The students from Unila University have the opportunity to learn about and appreciate French culture.

We learned about self-introduction and watched comedy Roméoet Juliette in French together.  Such a wonderful opportunity to make friends, to be active and socialized!

We encourage active study by providing a quiet place, all facilities needed and special services for students.

Bridal Shower  

It’s time to celebrate the bride-to-be!

El’s Coffee House offer a variety of amenities that will help make any gathering a success:

  • Projector and screen ideal for multi presentation
  • High quality sound systems
  • Tables and Chairs with no additional charge
  • Full catering kitchen
  • Design planner / Party decoration
  • Ample parking spaces



Blue Birthday Party for Ms. Nathalie

We can help you to organise your own event including birthday parties, business meetings, and family events. Let us take the stress out of organising your event, so you can just relax and enjoy your party.

Hope Rising Project for RumahYatim Al-Ikhlas

Drink coffee for a good cause

We raised a fund for supporting 57 children in Rumah Yatim Al-Ikhlas, Bandar Lampung. We provided a choice of healthy meal option including warm food, water, yogurt and milk; also books, pencils and clothes.

We are grateful to be able to improve the lives of less fortunate children; we could not accomplish our mission without the support of our amazing customers.



AICE/AEKI Barista class & Roasting class

Coffee field trip

It’s true that making coffee takes time.  We gather all our knowledge and experience, and share it with you. Short classes and workshop will be held for people who want to learn more about coffee, including coffee tasting, coffee & espresso basics, latte art classes and roaster tour.

For more information about Barista Training & Coffee Classes, please contact us: (+62)898-3940-555


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